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Dear fellow members,

I am pleased to report that effective today, February 7, Tim McKinney has taken the new, full-time position of Land Management Specialist, reporting to the Club Manager.  Filling that position with the right person has been a management goal for over a year and thanks to your support, our Club is in a financial position to afford the additional, necessary staffing.  Moreover, we are delighted to have found Molly’s first choice in Tim.

A few words on our newest full-time employee:  Tim has been a reliable member of the weekend bird stocking crew for the past two hunting seasons.  If you haven’t yet been introduced, you will recognize Tim as the less-tall, bearded crew member.  Molly has known Tim since they were classmates at UConn, where Tim graduated with the Bachelor of Science degree in 2014, and subsequently when they worked together as contract biologists for the CT-DEEP.  Tim has accumulated five years of wildlife management experience with CT-DEEP, most recently as the contract biologist in charge of monitoring the Connecticut deer herd for chronic wasting disease.  He is proficient in chainsaw operation and has logged many hours in the saddle of his family’s Kubota tractor.

Molly, Tim, and I spent a few hours on Saturday morning inventorying the stream maintenance needs on Sections One and Two.  Tim’s excitement about taking on a challenging project and the common sense nature of his observations and questions offer further confirming evidence that we made the right hiring decision.  Please join me in welcoming Tim to his new position.


Mike Fotos

Club President

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138 Bashan Rd, East Haddam, CT 06423, United States