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Clubhouse Use Guidelines – UPDATE, April 2022

Fellow Members:

We wanted to pass along updated Clubhouse use guidelines as approved by the Board of Directors that take into account the latest official guidance, information, and vaccination status of our membership as it relates to Covid.

Effective immediately, the Clubhouse is open for meals, general use, and sleepovers to all members and guests regardless of vaccination status.  This reflects the vast majority of our members being vaccinated and the fact that breakthrough symptomatic and asymptomatic cases can occur despite vaccination status.  We are also considering the warmer weather as an opportunity to help keep the house well ventilated during gatherings.  Our personal assumption of risk policy still applies to Covid and we continue to require that all members and guests have an updated signed waiver on file.  Waiver forms are located at the “fish and game book table” in the Larkin Room.  We still strongly urge that all members and guests be fully vaccinated and boosted as they deem appropriate.  Common sense still applies as it relates to social distancing and not attending any club functions if experiencing any Covid-related symptoms, testing positive, or generally not feeling well.  We also require immediate notification to Mike Fotos (Club President) and/or Brian First (Club VP) regarding any positive Covid test subsequent to being at an event at the Clubhouse.  We will then email all known attendees at that event, let them know of the potential exposure to Covid, and request that they carefully monitor for symptoms and strongly consider taking a Covid test.  Note that while we respect the privacy of all members and guests, we will be asking the Covid-positive person to allow us to share their name in the communication so each member can determine their level of concern regarding potential exposure — and so we can all wish that person a speedy and thorough recovery!

Thank you to all for your cooperation and understanding to get us to this point.  We will continue to closely monitor the situation and may adjust our policy again if it’s determined to be in the best interest of the Club and the well-being of our members.

Please reach out directly to us if there are any questions.

-Mike and Brian

Phone: 860-873-8356
138 Bashan Rd, East Haddam, CT 06423, United States