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The East Haddam Fishing and Game Club is located in central Connecticut.   Our clubhouse is circa 1810 and sits on land between the Moodus and Bashan Reservoirs.

Since 1904, we have owned and managed 2,500 acres of land and approximately 2.5 miles of river that sits at the headwaters of the Eight Mile River, which is one of two rivers in Connecticut that are designated as a National Wild and Scenic River System. We also have fishing in the spring-fed Martin Pond and on Early Brook which has wild, native brookies.

We also have 5 bird shooting fields, multiple duck blinds, a shooting range and a clay pigeon range.  Lastly, we have other ponds to fish, many stands from which to deer hunt and miles of trails to walk.



I joined the club seven years ago and am proud to the current club President. The club has been a wonderful addition to my family, and I’m happy to see my teenage son enjoy it and the outdoors so much that he has now become an avid fly tyer.

John LMember

As one of the younger members, I grew up walking the streams and fields with my father and am happy to have recently joined as a legacy member.

James MMember

I’ve fly-fished hunted all over the world from New Zealand to the Arctic and still enjoy the camaraderie and traditional Friday night dinners with my clubmates.

Wright PMember

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Phone: 860-873-8356
138 Bashan Rd, East Haddam, CT 06423, United States