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Opening Weekend Update from Club Manager

To All:

The Good News is that Martin Pond is clear of ice!

The Bad News is that we had extremely heavy rain 3/28 into 3/29 that resulted in a fair amount of damage. The culvert on Geoffrey Road just below Peck Meadow Pond was washed out making the road impassible. The town has been advised and my hope is that it will be repaired by the end of the week. Any member that wants to fish Nos 1-3 should access from the Early Road and No 1 could be accessed by parking at Peck Meadow Dam and walking along the side of the river.

The other bad news is that the V-dams in No 5 were washed out and the timbers are spread out along the downstream side of the river. The catwalks in No 10 have also been washed out and will have to be rebuilt. There were also a few trees knocked down around most paths.

Other News:

The twin culverts project between No 6 and No 7 has been completed and has been seeded and mulched so as to stabilize the banks to prevent erosion.The rehab work that was performed on the F550 dump truck is nearly complete and should be good for another 100,000 miles or ten years whichever comes first!

The EHF&G Club kicked off the commencement of the season on 3/28/14 with approx 14 members for dinner. We also had a few members cancel dinner due to coming down with colds; I hope you are all feeling better.

On Sat of opening day we had only about four fishermen and I cannot recall an opening day with so few members fishing.

I would like to remind everyone that the meals started on 3/28/14 and will run thru to May 16th. That would be approx 8 Friday night dinners. As far as the stocking goes, we will be stocking trout up until the annual shad bake which will be on May 18th. Although fishing continues thru the summer and into the fall the best fishing at the club is from now until about the middle of June. Once the water begins to warm up and the O2 levels decline, trout fishing is definitely not as good. As the season progresses into the summer months deer flies, gnats, mosquitoes and black flies become a nuisance.

*The private land turkey season will begin April 30th and end May 31st.

Save the Date:

The EHF&G Club’s annual shad bake will be on May 18th at 12 noon. I will send out an announcement.

Other Business:

The Land Committee continues to work on the Club’s forest management issues as well as other land related issues.

The New York anglers club will visiting the club on Sunday April 27th around noon and staying for dinner, spending the night and fishing Monday April 28th until noon.  Anyone interested in helping to guide the N.Y. Anglers should contact Wright Palmer or Peter Jachym.

We will also be scheduling the spring season’s annual game dinner on April 18th. There will more info to follow.



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138 Bashan Rd, East Haddam, CT 06423, United States